Hunt Report 2009

November 30/ 2009


A sad day for us all...the last day of deer season. We had a great season, harvested some super bucks and as always, had some great laughs with old and new friends. Largest whitetail was just shy of 172. A huge thank you to all of our guests and friends for holding out for that deer of your dreams that you harvested this year or passed up to let him reach the next level, next season. With your patience combined with our management strategy we will always have opportunities to harvest world class whitetail and mule deer. We just had 100% of our guests rebook for the next season which tells me they had another enjoyable hunt with us. Thank you. A huge thanks to Lou for his huge help this season as well Dan and Rocky!! This area is close to 3000 sq miles of exclusive guiding and every year we push into untouched areas. We are already planning new and exciting ideas for our next season up here, that I am sure are going to produce huge results. Next....The big cougar on Vancouver Island. SL

November 3/ 2009

Getting geared up for our deer season up here in the Peace area. The stands are all out and trail cams clickin away!!! We are seeing many deer running around and some good bucks, both whitetail and mule deer. I am extremely excited about this season, can't wait until our first group of guests fly in. SL

October 25/2009


We just finished up our last week of fall bear season here with a bang, and a lot of laughs!! Roy harvested an awesome big boar while the bear was filling himself full of salmon in the river. Thanks for all your help Bob!! Our runs of spawning salmon were huge this year. The bears will continue to feed until the end of these salmon runs, even into December. Thus the reason they grow so big, full of rich protein. Time to put the chest waders away and get ready for our deer season in the Peace. One of my favorite times of the year!! SL

September 23/2009


Over the last week, we have had to work harder than I can ever remember having to work for a Roosevelt Bull. The heat and dry weather is keeping these elk in the thick cover. We have been within 20 yards of King Kong at least 3 times, but never been able to see him enough to shoot. We had him so close one day we could actually hear him breathing while he demolished another fir tree. He was raging mad!! But the cover was far too thick. The season closes soon for 10 days, and if we dont have him down we will give them a rest and have a chance to wait him out until this weather cools off to a little more normal temperature. We will keep an eye on them. I have to say, my guest and friend Al, has been so very very patient this whole hunt, and hunted very hard with me. He is a true hunter and archer, and understood the reasons for the non typical behaviour these elk were displaying. He also had other opportunities to harvest lesser bulls than King Kong, bulls that would easily make Pope and Young and some possibly Boone and crockett, some as close as 15-20 yards. He had the patience and determination to pass them up and keep pushing for the big guy. Thanks Al. Also thanks to George "Fluffy" Addlington for the countless hours spent on the mountain glassing for elk. Al and I did catch him sleeping one day though...right Fluffy!!! The picture above is of a bull feeding in a little meadow we sat in one evening. Another one came out feeding with him and actually fed within 10 yards of us and never knew we were there. One of the bulls was well into Pope and Young. SL

September 15/2009

Because of the extreme heat the Bulls are staying in the very thick cover and even though they are responding to our calls, they arent coming out. They have their herds in with them and we are going to have to get a bit more agressive and go in after them. There is one bull we nicknamed "King Kong" because of the massive damage he does to the trees while making his rubs. He has heavy mass and crowned. He is the one we are targeting. SL

king kong

September 8/2009


Impatiently awaiting opening day for our archery Roosevelt Elk here on Vancouver Island. Our guest Al shows up today. We have found some real big bulls, but it has been unseasonably hot which has been keeping most of the animals in the thicker brush where it is cooler. There are a couple bulls I am hoping score as good if not better than the giant we arrowed last season!! We will get him!! SL

September 2/2009


The Rocky Mtn Elk numbers in our northern area look awesome, plus more moose than I have ever seen. We should get some big ones!! I am very excited about upcoming Elk and Moose combo hunts on both the lodge hunts and wilderness hunts!!! SL

August 25/ 2009

matts fishmatts fish

Summer has come and gone. We enjoyed one of the best fishing seasons ever with record size and numbers of Chinook (Kings) and Coho (silvers) caught. I had the opportunity to spend time with my family as well fishing with friends and guests. If you ever have time to come visit Vancouver Island, it will be well worth the effort to fish for salmon, halibut, prawns and crab, all caught locally right here. We can customize whatever fishing package fits your needs. Now I have to put the boats away, and get the atvs out because hunting season is next. Looking very forward to it!! SL

July 20/ 2009

I have been updating my photo galleries on my website. I only have a half dozen or so to add and it will be complete. For those that have been waiting patiently, my apologies, and thank you. I normally add the pictures weekly, as the season progresses, but my website admin was in the process of changing the website over to a brand new program. The new site shows the gallery pictures larger than before, when you click on them. There will be many new exciting features added to the site in the near future including short video clips of some hunts and I will also be starting a gallery of trailcam scouting pictures for all to enjoy. SL

July 11/ 2009

I just had the pleasure of attending the wedding ceremony of Ryan "La Fleur" Hartling and his beautiful wife Tarryl. It took place at a very nice resort nestled on the shores of the South Thompson River. The setting was absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations Ryan and Tarryl. SL

June 16/ 2009

The Vancouver Island Spring season is done. We had to fight the unusally strange weather patterns this year, a cold, wet start and the blazing heat near the end, but with the very hard work of Ryan, George, Ole, Bob and Dean, we had one of the best seasons ever. A huge, larger than ever before, number of hunters are returning again next year to hunt with us, which makes me extremely happy as this tells me everyone had an incredible experience. The largest bear taken this spring was a giant measuring right at 21 inches and squaring at 7 ft 4 inches. Definitely one of the highlights of the season as always is seeing the young kids come up on their first adventure, and harvest their first Black bear, and for some their first big game animal. It is always just as big a thrill to us, as it is to them. A big thanks to our chef Joyce, who took care of us all, and is the back bone of the Team, as well Tracey for making sure the rooms were always spotless and those unforgetable homemade cookies and scones that we all love. And most of all, a huge thanks to all our friends that hunt with us, we look very forward to hunting with you all again. SL

June 15/ 2009

The season ended with a BANG. This week we had the pleasure of hunting once again with my very good friends Bruce, Keith and Rob, from Las Vegas and Reno. All three harvested huge bears and Bruce took two giants. As always we had a ton of laughs and looking very forward to hunting with you again next season. This week we also had the pleasure of hunting with Matthew who is 13, him and his family of 5 all came out hunting. We spotted a huge boar with a sow and stalked within 70 yards of this bruiser, at the last minute the bear winded us and luckily Mathew was ready on the sticks, he had a one second window to shoot and made an awesome shot. Especially considering the pressure of his whole family watching his shot. After the shot the bear lunged into the bush. We gave the bear a bit of time before I walked into the bush to check on it...when I came out, I was shaking my head as if he missed, you should have seen the look on Mathew's face when I told him he just harvested his very first Black Bear and a big one....Priceless.. Great job Mathew, you know you earned this one.

May 03/ 2009

Lovely...Now the whole team is trying to change the rules, changing their own nics... thanks to Brett who is hunting with us this week, they came up with the idea that supposedly Film stars (Adult maybe??) use for making their screen name. Your first name is the name of your first pet...and your last name is the name of the street you grew up on. Fluffy is "Luc Trainer', Ole is "Buster Mine" and Ryan is "Champ Kelly". Nice try are still Fluffy, Ole and La Fleur!!! No Changing!!! SL

May 02/ 2009

Get Ryan "La Fleur" Hartling decides on his own, that he is changing his own nickname. We informed him that people just don't change their own nickname, these are names given by others and this can't be changed especially on your own. He said he didn't like his nic(wonder why???) and he wanted one that rhymed with his name better, so he tried nicknaming himself Ryan "Hawkeye" Hartling. Not gonna stick "La Fleur" !! Nice try!! SL

May 29/ 2009

The weather has been crazy hot. We have been breaking new heat records every day. One day got close to 100 degrees. The rut is in full swing now so the bears are still moving. The largest bear of the season so far was taken this week by Fluffy and hunter Ken. This enormous bear will measure right around 21 inches and square well over 7 feet. Great job guys. Dean and his dogs treed another cougar this week and Alvaro from Spain was the lucky hunter to be at the bottom of the tree alongside his son Jacob who is 15. Jacob harvested his very first Black Bear the day before, a huge boar, Jacob was solid as a rock making a great shot, great job Jacob. We also found another absolute gigantic bear this week that we have added to the "WANTED" list. A bear we have nicknamed "Cameron". Another hunter Jennifer who was hunting with us this week came inches away from harvesting this giant...but he is still out there alive and well. SL

May 27/ 2009

Those of you that have hunted Island Bear with us in the past, you have either heard the stories or have actually been lucky enough to get a look at the absolute gigantic Black bear we call "GOLIATH". This is the largest Island Bear I know of alive today. We have had countless close encounters with this giant over the past seasons, and have never been able to close the deal. Well, some good news...he hasnt died of old age yet (although he must be getting close). Ryan and hunter Roger watched Goliath for 5 hours in the exact same spot where we have seen him at least 4 years in a row. A spot that is very tough to approach because of the wind direction. They waited patiently for an opportunity to close the distance but it never happened that day. The closest they could get was 400 + yards, these bears are so tough, they didnt want to take the chance of wounding and losing him. They watched him again today and just like clockwork he moved down the valley and walked away most likely going to find himself a girlfriend, and they did not see him again. The picture they took of him was through the spotting scope. I vow to get this bear...he is giving me gray hair!!! SL

May 22/ 2009

We are over half way through our Spring season here on the Island. We just finished another very successful week. Chris with his three sons all harvested big boars, and on top of that Chris shot a great cougar. The rut has just started now, Chris's huge boar walked down into a small tree patch and we had to wait 3 hours for him to finish his date with his girlfriend. When he walked out of the trees onto the grassy trail, Chris and George stalked within 20 yards of this giant to get a clear shot of him. Congrats guys, and yes Chris, we are watching Fluffy's carbon footprint!!! SL

May 6/ 2009

The weather has been unusually cold so far this week, cold slushy rain and gail force winds, but with the hard work of this guiding team we will get it done. Crossing my fingers the sun might show up soon. SL

May 01/ 2009

We have just finished our 3rd week of the season. The weather gods have thrown everything they can at us including snow, but we are taking some giant bears. This week one of our hunters was 13 year old Howard. He shot his very first Black Bear, making an excellent shot on this huge old boar with some great battle scars. The next day his father harvested the first cougar of our Spring season, an old tom with one missing canine tooth. Dean and his dogs put an excellent chase on this cat. SL

April 13/ 2009

Our first day of hunting today and we harvested an awesome boar, took a while to get on him but when we closed the distance to about 70 yards, Steve made an awesome shot. What a great way to start the season! SL

April 05/ 2009

Saw my first bear today, the weather has definitely put things behind a couple weeks but the big boars are coming out now and we start hunting in 8 days. Looking forward to another awesome season. SL

March 20/ 2009

Well it looks like the snow has passed. Down at sea level the grass is starting to green up. We had an excellent cougar season, took some awesome cats but its that time once again to start thing BLACK BEARS! I am looking very forward to this upcoming season to once again have some fun with the many guests that hunt with us every year as well getting a chance to make new ones. I will be spending some time over the next few weeks opening trails and clearing roads with the gang. SL

February 15/ 2009

Wow, I just got in from an awesome cougar chase we had over the last couple days. We found a huge track in the snow we thought was fresher than what it turned out to be. Dean let his dogs out on this track and they screamed out on it. 8 hours later as it was getting dark we caught up to the dogs as they were walking back on their back trail which is unusual for these dogs, they just never give up. This morning while letting the dogs out for their morning stretch Dean noticed that their droppings were full of hair. With closer investigation (by Dean) he concluded the hair was cougar hair. After some brainstorming we figured out what happened the day before. The cougar we were tracking, at some time during the chase had met up with another cougar. Obviously one of them didnt take kindly to the other one cutting through his territory and quickly took care of him. Along come the dogs after a long chase, run up on this freshly killed cougar and probably thought they ran him to his death. They had some good nibbles on him and thinking they did their job, decided to head back to the nice warm truck. We decided to head back to that spot to see if we could back this story up. On arrival we noticed the huge cat tracks coming right out on the trail the cat travelled in on. Very exciting stuff. Dean prepared the dogs and away they went again. An hour later after some steep uphill climbing we had this huge tomcat in a tree. I know one thing, I am going to have to start putting bricks in Deans pack, because he is wearing me out!!! My guest from Oregon, Kevin, did an awesome job of keeping up. After harvesting this cougar and all the pictures, we noticed that its droppings were also filled with the same hair. Our CSI work was correct. Great job Dean and congrats Kevin on your awesome cougar, you earned it buddy!! SL





January 30/ 2009

Waiting for this rain to stop. We have had some unusual warm weather from the south over the last couple weeks, but the forecast says it is supposed to start cooling off. Lets cross our fingers!!


January 15/ 2009

Just returned from the Dallas Safari Club convention. I had George (Fluffy) along with me, as well my good Texan buddy Jerry was also there to help me out in the booth which he has over the last 3 years. As normal we had an awesome time. The Dallas Safari Club is a great organization that does so much for this sport, and its members are some of the finest people I know. We spent some quality time at my booth with old friends and met many new friends. I would like to thank all my friends who stopped by my booth during this show, I cant wait until next year! Now time to get back to the bush and find some more cougars.