Hunt Report 2015



2016/2017 Hunt reports in Progress!! Thank you for your patience!!


September 01/2015

Bridge work complete!!! A little different than the West Coast!!


September 01/2015

A quick trip to prepare for our upcoming season!! I see a very positive future for this November!!!


June 25/2015

Taking a morning out of our hunting schedule we paid a visit to our local High School, ADSS where Former UFC World Champion fighter Matt Hughes and Purple Heart recipient Wounded Warrior Charlie Lemon spent some time talking with the students about their careers, the mental mindset it took to get them where they wanted to be and the preparation and hard work to get there. 
After the question and answer period, Matt took to the wrestling mats where he worked with some of the Armada Wrestling Team and demonstrated some of his wrestling moves and grappling submissions. 
It is awesome to give back!!!


June 25/2015

Two of my very good buddies JB and Matt enjoying a little grappling match before the days hunt!! I think you got this JB!!


June 22/2015

Anyone that has been to the lodge has met "Roxy". She was in a couple outdoor productions filmed at the lodge here recently. Looks like the fame has got to her head!!!


June 15/2015

The only way to fly!!!


June 11/2015

A huge hide off an old warrior of a bear.


June 11/2015

14 year old Heath with Dad Dustin with Heath's first Black Bear, and what a way to start!! Great hunting with you buddy!!

Shared by Cabela's Pro Staff: Very blessed to have the opportunity to be able to share these special memories with youth and their family!!


June 06/2015

Nothing better than snacking on freshly smoked candied salmon on top of a mountain while glassing for big bear with good friends. Smoked salmon courtesy of Mad Dog Crabs in Duncan. The best fish on this planet!!!


June 01/2015

Congratulations Bo on the harvest of this Huge old boar. Another bear with teeth worn down to the gum lines that will age close to 20 years old!! Lots of good tasty sausage meat right here as well !!!


June 01/2015

Charlie Lemon taking his first shot at a target with archery gear! Bullseye!! A natural!!! There is nothing this man can't do!!!


May 28/2015

The whole crew that made this happen!!


May 28/2015

Shared by UNCAGED with Matt Hughes: Yesterday I scored on my personal best black bear here on Vancouver Island withSean Lingl's Canadian Guide Outfitters. I took this huge boar using my Browning X-Bolt Long Range Hunter chambered in a .300 win mag, topped with a Zeiss 3x15x42 Conquest HD5 scope and shooting Hornady Superformance GMX ammo!


May 28/2015


May 28/2015



May 28/2015

Shared by UNCAGED with Matt Hughes


May 28/2015

Shared by Trinity Oaks 501(c)3 Nonprofit OrganizationAnother great photo of Charles Lemon and his island black bear! Charles took this great bear on Memorial Day! Thank you Charles for your service! Also thank youSean Lingl's Canadian Guide Outfitters for hosting this hunt and thank you to UNCAGED with Matt Hughes for capturing this hunt for your TV show!


May 26/2015

Memorial Day and first day of our Hero Celebration Hunt with Charles Lemon and Matt Hughes. A very special day for all. I was very proud to be part of this adventure!! And the adventure continues.... 

Shared by Trinity Oaks 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization:  Trinity Oaks has had another American Hero attending a Hero Celebration hunt. This hunt graciously hosted by Sean Lingl's Canadian Guide Outfitters , on Vancouver Island, hunting for black bear. BWB Hunt Productions, LLC and one of their productions "Uncaged" hosted by the former 9x UFC Champion, Matt Hughes captured this hunt for their show. We are honored to to send Charles Lemon on this fabulous hunt as our way of saying thank you for his service! Giving back we can make a difference in a lot more lives! Congratulations Charlie and to all involved!


May 24/2015

Another amazing mount by Harley White at Kelowna Taxidermy. What a beast!!


May 23/2015

We are all very excited here and feeling truly honored to host a hunt with a Wounded Warrior and a true HERO Charles Lemon. My good buddy Matt Hughes will be traveling with Charlie up to our Vancouver Island Lodge where he will accompany Charlie and myself on this amazing adventure! Austin Manelick will be back to capture all the action for another episode of UNCAGED with Matt Hughes on the Sportsman's Channel. A big thanks to everyone that has taken part to make this happen, Trinity Oaks, BWB Productions, Uncaged with Matt Hughes and absolutely most importantly to Mr Charles Lemon for everything you have sacrificed for us are a true HERO sir and we all look very forward to having you here.



May 23/2015

Shared by Patricia Ketchem:  We went to the Veteran's cemetery today to help put flags on the graves. One caught my eye. It was that of Matthew J. England. 22 years old. KIA Iraq 2011. I came home and looked him up. He is the first modern KIA in the cemetery. Humbling experience and I thought I'd share his picture. This is him being flown into Dover and one of him in his uniform. May we never forget what Memorial Day really is about and may we always remember these sacrafices.


May 14/2015

What a great way to start the week! First day success with my good friend Girme, all the way from the Philippines. An amazing beast of a bear that will be 20+ years old, will measure 8 feet square with the most gorgeous hair I have seen and definitely weighed over 600 pounds. This meat will make a mountain of sausage!!!


May 10/2015

Happy Mothers Day to all those special Moms out there!!! I hope you get a chance today to get out and enjoy our Great Outdoors with family and friends!!


May 08/2015

Looking forward to having my good buddies Matt Hughes and Austin Manelick back here for another great Vancouver Island adventure and filming for another Exciting episode of UNCAGED with Matt Hughes !! This time Matt will be arriving with Wounded Warrior and a True American Hero, Charles Lemon!! 

I feel so honored to be part of this very special hunt!!

Austin Manelick via UNCAGED with Matt Hughes
Yesterday at 11:30am ·

Gearing up to film another episode for UNCAGED with Matt Hughes , meeting up with Sean (Sean Lingl's Canadian Guide Outfitters) for a Vancouver Island black bear hunt. Nice motivational video to get prepped for the mountains of British Columbia.

Matt Hughes - UFC Legend [Motivation Highlights 2013]


May 08/2015

After watching this huge old grizzly on trail cam, he showed up again this time with a very serious fighting wound. Looks like there has been a change in command!


May 08/2015

This is one gigantic bear!! The 3 inch shells were placed in the track to better explain the size of this monster bear!!


May 08/2015

Father, Son and Son in law... What a great time with these guys! Congrats Peter, Matthew and Joe on your huge bears you harvested! We were honored to be part of it!


May 03/2015

All shined up and ready to get dirty all over again this week!!!


April 30/2015

Very proud of my son, buddy and hunting companion today. Matthew Lingl just rocked his driving test!! What's this mean?....a new guide / scout for us here at Canadian Guide Outfitters !!! Good job buddy!!!


April 25/2015

The adventures leading up to the harvest are equally as important as the harvest itself!! Many great memories made!!!


April 10/2015

I am pretty sure this is what Heaven is going to look like!!


April 09/2015

Back to the office this morning. An adventurous day today!!


March 10/2015

Any of you that have spent any time with us on Vancouver Island know this guy. Ryan aka "Hawkeye", making his first trip out to the truck with a pack load of Bear Meat!!


March 09/2015

Three generations of Bear Hunters!! Gotta love it!!!


March 06/2015

Looking back at our Spring 2014 pictures is getting me excited about next months opener!! This Giant old bear was aged at 13 years old!! A big old bear with tremendous genetics!!


February 26/2015

While on the ocean doing some pre season scouting and getting prepared for our early Spring hunts, Pete and I took a couple hours off to do a little fishing and enjoy everything our coast has to offer!! Fresh caught seafood is always a favorite during our Coastal hunts!!

February 17/2015

BWB Productions, Blake Barnett and Austin Manelick finishing off some interviews with Matt Hughes for his Vancouver Island episode of UNCAGED with Matt Hughes aired on the Sportsman Channel. A couple helping hands Matt and Conner.


February 16/2015

Arriving back to our comfortable lodge after an exciting day of adventure is always a great way to end the day.

February 16/2015

Another old brute of a bear from Spring 2014. 7 foot plus aging in at 17 years old. This big old male had some serious damage to his lower jaw more than likely suffered from a fight with another old boar over territory or possibly a pretty girlfriend!!


February 14/2015

A very challenging hunt with an 1895 open sight lever action rifle, but with very special memories!

Big Black Bears with an 1895 Winchester


February 11/2015

We just got our Age results back from our tooth samples we take from all our Island Bears we harvest. This huge bear aged at 19 years old! Such a good feeling to know most of the Bears we are harvesting have lived a long healthy life!!


February 03/2015

Finally getting a chance to sit back with a bowl full of popcorn and enjoy a full episode of "UNCAGED with Matt Hughes" on Vancouver Island. If you haven't had a chance to watch this exciting series of shows, tune into the Sportsman Channel and look it up!! Great Job Matt Hughes , Blake Barnett , Austin Manelick and the whole BWB production team!!


February 02/2015

Just received this message from Sandy, our Saskatchewan Guide / Chef / Trapper / Head organizer and everything else. Sandy lives right next to our Whitetail area and keeps me updated on weather and predators. Between her and Troy, they keep the predator numbers down!! This message was great news, November cant come fast enough!!! Great work Sandy!!

"Sean, A bit of an update. .. weather has been gorgeous! Very little snow and the deer are out grazing and actually putting on weight! I've been hauling some pretty great hay off a field that borders the park and usually the deer get into it big time. .BUT....NOT YET THIS YEAR they have so much to eat in the bush and bare fields that are on the fringe. So far so good boss!

We've also got a few wolves out of your area and a ton of deer Killin coyotes! 

Also some big old beavers that have been flooding some of the area. ... maybe we will be able to access some more ground ....Kind of excited for next year already." Sandy 


February 02/2015

Very proud to be chosen as one of the 2015 Cabela's Pro Staff. I am extremely excited about working alongside Cabela's and the rest of the Pro Staff Team promoting our great Outdoors! My highest priority in this position is to work with our youth, our future generations of outdoor enthusiasts, to promote the many outdoor activities our Country has to offer. Visit my new Cabela's Pro Staff page at:


February 01/2015

With unseasonal warm temperatures and no snow, I am getting a bit more "desk time" and catching up to some Spring Bear pictures from our 2014 season.

Dacia and Brad with their giant bears! A double header day on monster old bears with guide Ryan "Hawkeye"! This was their second hunt with us and we look forward to many more with this amazing couple!!!


January 28/2015

I am extremely excited about this hunt. Getting an opportunity to hunt with Charlie Lemon, a true American Hero and at the same time, my good buddy UFC Champion Matt Hughes is as good as it gets. I feel truly blessed to be part of this hunt with Trinity Oaks and to have the honor to be in the presence of this Wounded Warrior!!
As well Blake Barnett's BWB production team will be along catching every minute on camera for another exciting episode of "Uncaged" with Matt Hughes. 

Shared by UNCAGED with Matt Hughes:  It was also great to stop by the booths of these two "Knuckle Heads", Sean Lingle, from Sean Lingl's Canadian Guide Outfitters and Tim Fallon the owner of the FTW Ranch and the home of SAAM, "Sportsman All Weather, All Marksmanship Training", during the Dallas Safari Clubs, "Traditions" Convention. I look forward to returning to hunt this May with Sean as I take a true American Hero, Veteran and Wounded Hero, Charlie Lemon on his first bear hunt sponsored both by Sean Lingl's outfitt and Trinity Oaks a NonProfit 501C3 based out of Texas that I support. Catch Charlie's story on Sara Palin's new show "Amazing America", aired on The Sportsman Channel. I will be at the FTW for more SAAM training in March to brush up on my shooter training for my upcoming hunts for Season 3 of UNCAGED! "photo credit to Nolan Swinghamer, field producer for UNCAGED and BWB Hunt Productions, LLC"



January 20/2015

A HUGE Thanks to the Dallas Safari Club and their hundreds of volunteers for making the 2015 Traditions Expo the very best ever!!! This is truly the best Convention on this Planet and they just keep getting better!!!
Also big thanks to the hundreds of friends, guests and future clients that stopped by to say hello, you made this whole trip such a HUGE success!!!!


January 18/2015

Our very good buddy Josh Moore stopped by to say hello today, so great to see you again bud!!! Josh hunted with us at age 14 and harvested one of the largest bears of the season that year!!


January 15/2015

Looks like it's going to be another great show at the 2015 Dallas Safari Club Expo.


January 12/2015

Heading out for my annual visit to Dallas, Texas where Ryan and I will be attending the 2015 Dallas safari Club Traditions Convention & Sporting Expo, along with the greatest wildlife conservation groups on this planet!! 
Looking so forward to meeting up once again with all my good friends and of course meeting lots of new ones!!
See y'all down there!!