Hunt Report 2010

Dec 15/ 2010

I have really fallen behind on my reports to you!!! We have been so busy hunting and there is so much great new news to share!!! As soon as I get some time to sit down here, I want to write and tell you about our great fishing season...the huge giant bull elk we had at 45 yards....and numerous great deer stories including the great big whitetail Al and Ryan "laFleur" rattled in from 400 to just 60 yards away before he harvested it and young Garrhet, 13 years old taking his very first big whitetail!!! I will also be catching up with all of our pictures from the fall and posting them on the site. SL

Aug 01/2010

I just finished adding the rest of the 2010 Spring bear pics. My apologies for taking so long to finish them. If anyone has better pics or need me to send some to you, please let me know. I hope I didnt miss anyone. It has been very busy here, lots of new and exciting things to come!!!! SL

July14/ 2010

We are just now getting a chance to add all of the Spring bear pictures to our Webpage photo gallery. Sorry for the delay. I have been busy getting geared up for the upcoming fall seasons as well sneaking in a bit of fishing here and there. We will be starting to take guests on salt water trips for the huge salmon and halibut we have here over the next bit here. Fishing has been excellent. Anyone interested in catching some big fish, give us a call!! SL

June 16/ 2010

Well another Spring season has come and gone. They seem to go by way too quick. This season will be one that I won't forget, definitely one of the best ever! Our size average was larger and age average older than ever before. I remember one night driving in to the lodge and heard of one giant bear that was harvested by one of our guests, so I was surprised to see three bears stretched out on the wall all over 7 feet and by looking at the teeth, all old mature bears with their teeth worn right down. For those of you that know of or heard of the giant bear "Goliath"...we once again did not harvest him this season,,we did see him once, but unfortunately did not hunt that particular area much at all this season. We prefer to spread our hunts out through out the entire area to manage it properly, and since we hunted that area last year we didnt hunt there this season, instead finding brand new areas we had never hunted, and it paid off with big old bears!! We will concentrate on Goliath next Spring!! We had many return guests this season as well some new that have just harvested their very first Black Bears!! We also had some some adult / youth hunts again this year that are always so exciting to be part of. We fought the rain and fog some this season, but with hard work done by all, we had one of the most successful seasons ever. Again I have to thank my crew Ryan, Oli, Dean, Bob, Lance, George, Joyce and Tracey for all their hard work and effort this past season. Also a huge thankyou to all of you that have hunted with us, I am hoping you all have left with great memories and experiences and I look very forward to hunting with you all again in the future.

Now I sit behind the desk for the next while doing my office duties, updating the website with 2010 bear pictures, catching up with new hunt requests as well guests that will be returning to hunt with us once again. Then time to fish!!! SL

June 13/ 2010


Cougar Cam update. One Tom female visit. I have now switched the cam to video mode to see if I can;t catch anything different. SL

June 12/ 2010


Well the last week of the Spring 2010 season is one I will never forget. We had Todd and Gloria from California. Todd harvested what had to be one of the largest bears of the season with Dean. This was a monster bear that measured close to 7 and a half feet, with a huge head. Also along with us was Carter who brought his 19 year old son John along to do the hunting. This was Johns first bear and man did he start off great. He harvested another giant measuring over 7 feet and definitely one of the oldest bears taken this season, which had to be close to 20 years old!!! John was hunting with Fluffy. We also had Jim from Texas who brought his 14 year old son James along to harvest his first black bear. They were hunting with Ryan. On their third day of their hunt they spotted a huge boar following a scent trail of a sow in heat. After making an awesome stalk, James made a perfect shot putting this large beast down. After pictures and as they were skinning, out came another huge boar following a sow walking straight towards them. At about 130 yards Jim harvested the second bear of the day. It is an awesome feeling to see these kids harvest such great trophies. The smiles on their faces as well their Dads are just unforgettable. Speaking of unforgettable... I was hunting with Allen and his 13 year old son Josh. Josh has the disease known as Epilepsy. Myself, Allen, Josh and Cameraman Lance hunted 4 days. During those 4 days we encountered big bears, but we always seemed to zig when they would zag, the wind would be wrong or the bear for some strange reason would just decide to change course. Nothing more than just plain bad luck. Allen and I talked during the day about how things in life happen and why...and how they seem to always happen for a reason. It was one of those hunts, that I wanted to get a big bear for Josh so darn bad...probably more than I have ever wished in my career. He so much deserved it!! Anyone who knows anything about epilepsy will know that after a seizure, your body is spent of all your energy and it normally takes hours to recover. This young boy is so strong, one of the strongest I know. He made every stalk with us and never held back. He would recover from a seizure and look at his Dad and say " I want a big bear Dad". Well the fourth day things did happen for a reason. We had Ryan and John sitting on one look out glassing for bears, also had Dean and Carter glassing from another lookout. We all saw numerous boars that day and made some very close stalks. About 3 hours before dark Ryan called on the radio and said the words "Big Bear....Big Bear with a sow!!!" After finding out where he had seen them we moved in and this time everything was perfect. The wind was hard in our face...we stalked within 60 yards...they had no idea we were there..we had time to wait for the perfect shot and that Josh did!!! One shot and another absolute giant bear down over 7 feet. I have never seen such a happy kid as well a very happy and proud father. Way to go Josh!!!! I have to was a very emotional moment... one that I will never forget...definitely one of the highlights of my career as a Guide / Outfitter. What a great week to end a very successful Spring Season !!! SL

June 07/ 2010


Another Cougar Cam update... Dean was in the area and grabbed the memory stick out of the cam for me. The Tom had been back, leaving his big scratches and footprints behind. Notice the difference of size in the cat on June 03 compared to the female. He is much taller and thicker boned and muscled. Lots of activity under this rock. The white rock they keep sniffing is where the male scratches and the female urinates. SL

June 06/ 2010


A very special weekend for me. My oldest daughter Stephanie graduated from her Secondary School. I am so very proud of her. Great work Stephy!!!! SL

June 04/ 2010


The rut is still running hard here. We are fighting some wet and foggy weather, but seeing big bears every day regardless. Tilman from Nevada harvested a giant boar following a sow on his first day of hunting with Fluffy, they encountered this huge boar after going for a short walk through some old grassy clearcuts and were almost back to the truck. Kevin from Michigan took his huge bear on the second day with Oli, harvesting this big old bear at 30 yards with his inline muzzleloader as it walked towards them. On the fourth day we had some action. Myself, Scott from Nevada, Tilman (who had already tagged out and was along for some morale support) as well cameraman Lance, spotted a large bear over 2 miles away, we decided to drive into this clearcut to get a closer look. As we drive out of the timber into the clearcut, standing on the road not 50 yards away is a giant boar mating with a sow with their backs (or butts) towards us. As I shut the truck down the sow managed to look back and see us. She was scrambling and fighting this big old boar trying to get out from underneath him and after a few seconds got out of the relationship and scrambled over the low edge of the road into the clearcut towards the timber down below us. The big boar watched her and slowly followed her wondering what went wrong!! By the time we got out of the truck and ready for a shot he had just walked over the edge towards the timber. We waited a few minutes to watch and see if they would come into view on their way to the timber and they didnt. I decided I would sneak down to an edge and look over into the only piece of slash we couldnt see from the road. As i approached and peaked over, there they were...not 100 yards from me and she had accepted him back into her life. It only took Scott and crew minutes to sneak down where I was standing in order to set up for the shot as well Lance to get his video equipment rolling. We waited and filmed a very long 30 minutes while these two lovers finished their business and when we figured all was done Scott made an incredible shot putting this giant down. We can say he left some tremendous genetics behind, he was a huge bear well over 7 feet and a big wide head. The day wasnt over...before we walked down to the big boar, we decided to walk up to the truck to collect our backpacks...cameras..etc..when Tilman says "Hey...there are two more over there!!" I put my spotting scope up and indeed there was another sow with a huge boar following her. I knew Ryan was close with Dan from Michigan looking to harvest his bear still so after a call he was on his way. About 45 minutes later Ryan and Dan were stalking these two bears with Lance joining in to video. They snuck up to within 50 yards of the giant and Dan knocked him down with his inline muzzleloader. One shot and it was done!!! Another huge bear!! What a week!! SL

May 30/ 2010


Cougar Cam Update. The same female coming back every second day or so. The male hasn't been back, no new scratches. My son Matt and his buddy Curtis came out to check the cam with me at approximately 10 am on the 28th. Not long after the female left. I am sure she was close by. SL

May 29/ 2010


We just had the pleasure once again, to hunt with Christian from Norway. This is his second hunt with us and this year he brought four of his hunting buddies from Norway and Germany. Lorentz, Oyvind, Heinz and Marc. The weather has been very wet and foggy but the hunting has been amazing. All five harvested great big bears. Christian actually received a very special surprise while he was with us, the actual day he harvested his big boar, he received a call from his very expecting wife who informed him she was in labour a little early. His new little baby boy was born the same day!!! Congratulations to both of you Christian, she must be a very understanding wife!!!!! Congratulations to you all on your great trophies, we had a great time and many laughs!! SL

May 25/ 2010


This morning Ryan decided he was going to have a bit of fun and try and beat everyone out to the gravel road with some shortcuts and a bit of creative driving. As you can see it didnt work out!! We are thinking about the possibilty of changing Ryans nickname from La Fleur to "Andretti". SL

May 24/ 2010


Want to introduce to you the newest member of the team "Lance" . We dont have a nic for him yet, but I am sure it wont take long!!! Lance is our videographer and is along on as many of our hunts as we can film. We offer a service that provides the hunters with a cameraman along on their hunts to capture their experiences as well the harvest, and work it all into a fully edited DVD for great memories. Lance has worked with the best and has a pile of experience behind the camera as well an avid hunter himself. SL

May 23/ 2010


Any of you that have hunted with us have probably met our cougar / bear guide "Dean". He is a cougar hunting fanatic and spends much time not only hunting cougar, but studying their movements, checking the scratchlines and always watching for tracks, new scratches and scat, keeping track of how often they come through a certain area. Last week he showed me a spot under a big overhanging rock where he always finds new scatches made by a male cougar. Sure enough there were new scatches made overtop of the ones that Dean had covered up last time he was in there. The next day I came back and set up a trail cam in the spot. I checked the cam today and look what I found. Makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck when you check your pictures at 630 pm and you have a picture of a cougar at 537 pm the same day!! The cougar visiting on May 17 is the Tom, the other two pictures are of a female cougar. The female is smelling the ground right where the male made his scratches. I will keep updating these pics as I get more. Looks like there are visits almost every second day. For some reason the pictures are out of focus. I may need to move it slightly. SL

May19/ 2010


Darrell from Tennessee hunted with us back in April for his second season and had so much fun he decided to come back again this month, this time bringing his wife Linda. This time Linda was the hunter and was hunting her very first Black Bear. On her second day of the hunt not only did she harvest one great bear in the morning, but finished the afternoon off with an absolute giant over 7 feet!!! These were Linda's first big game animals she had harvested. What an amazing start!!! She did absolutely terrific, calm, cool and made two terrific shots. Great work Linda and as always great having you and Darrell with us. The rut is still in full swing and we are seeing many big boars with sows. SL

May 15/ 2010


What a great week!!!!! First Noreen, then Tommy from Louisville, now Jeff and Audrey from Texas... all take bears over 7 feet!!! Tommy had a close encounter at 40 yards before making the shot on his giant. Good friend Kent was also along with Ryan (La Fleur) on that hunt. Jeff and Audrey the next day had just finished making a stalk on another giant boar that gave them and guide "Ole" the slip, when not even an hour later they had another big boar on the ground. Jeff had to make a quick shot count and did it well!! Great job guys and Ladies!!!! SL

May 12/ 2010


Last week we figured the rut was just around the corner and man did the lightswitch ever turn on!!!! The rut kicked in a bit early here and WOW....the boars are wandering. Noreen harvested her first Island black Bear today and what a start taking an absolute giant measuring 7 ft 3 long and 7 ft 5 wide. We spotted this big boar while walking a cutblock in search of a sow we had seen with a boar the day before. Knowing she was coming into heat we figured we better stick around there. We snuck up to within 100 yards and with the great help of her husband Jeff, who was our "stickboy" for the week and had those shooting sticks set just perfect, Noreen made a great shot. What a bear!!! SL

May 07/ 2010


Time flies when you are having fun!!! I haven't had a chance to get to the computer lately. We finished off a good week with Roy, Ron, Todd and Ted, Taking some great bears and Roy saw an absolute giant he couldn't get on. We had some great laughs. I am looking very forward to hunting with you guys again. This is Roys second trip with us. We just finished up week 4 here with our guests from New York. We fought the weather some this week but still came out with some great bears and as we did last week, saw some other giants we just couldnt connect with. Timing is everything. Some of these big boys are feeding on the grass and clover in some tight bushy areas right now and if the wind isnt exactly right, forget it. Soon they will be slowing down on the grub and will be starting to wander looking for sows. We have seen a few sows out in the clearcuts already with their newborn little furballs. Its this time of year they have to always be on guard as the big boars wander looking for sows or a light snack, whichever comes first. Also for the first time this year, we spotted GOLIATH!!! Good to see he hasn't passed of old age yet. You can guess where I will be hanging out for a while now. Mark, Sal, Robert, Tom and Ron, it was great hunting with you guys, we all had a great time with your group. Looking forward to doing it again. Thanks. SL


April 27/ 2010


Just had an awesome hunt I have to share with you. Today was the first day of the hunt for our new group this week on Vancouver Island. My hunter Todd and guide Derrick who was along to help glass, spotted a bear down on an old grassy road I have been watching all season. This bear is a huge old boar that Barry and I last week had at 200 yards and couldnt get a shot off because the fog moved in on us. For once, the wind was blowing the right direction for us today, we packed up quickly and started our 30 minute stalk. The torrential downpour and heavy wind made it possible for us to sneak right in to 124 yards. We watched him briefly and decided to get in as close as we could. we went out of sight to move in...the bear decided to move closer as well and we met him halfway...30 yards face to face. Todd was ready and made an awesome shot!!! Being that close to a 7 foot bear is always a huge rush. More to come this week. SL

April 24/2010


The spring season is going very well. We just finished off week two with more awesome Bears!! We had the pleasure of hunting with guests Barry and Darrell from Tennessee, who hunted with us last spring season as well. As always we had tons of fun with them and some great laughs. Also Doyle and Bill from Arizona hunted with us this week for their first time, and harvested big bears!! I just recieved an email from them telling me they had the hunt of a lifetime!! Thanks guys, it was our pleasure. SL

April 17/ 2010


A great kick off to our Spring 2010 season with three big boars harvested this week. Juan travelling from Spain and Jeff from Texas both took big boars. Congratulations guys!! The big boys are all out feeding now and it should get better every day. Myself, Oli, Ryan and Dean were all out scouting today and it looks like we are going to have another great week. SL

April 9/ 2010

We are all geared up and pumped for our Spring 2010 Vancouver Island bear season!! Ryan, Ole, Dean, Bob, Fluffy and of course our incredible cook, Joyce, as well Tracy whom everyone knows as the cookie girl, because of the delicious home cooked pastries and cookies she sends us out with every day, they are all back and looking very forward to seeing our many return guests as well hunting with all the new faces this season. I will try and keep you updated. As I guide as well each week, sometimes it is tough to get the time to get on the computer, but I will do my best to try and update as many weeks as I can. SL

March 20/ 2010


Our very wet and mild winter came and went, with very little opportunity for hunting cougar in snow. Dean did manage to get some big cats in the tree on dry ground. The positive thing, all the cats we didnt get this winter will be that much larger for our guests this Spring who will be hunting combination Cougar and Bear as well our cougar hunts next winter. SL

Feb 13/ 2010

Waiting patiently for this very wet winter we have had so far to change to snow so we can get some cougars in the tree. We have guests waiting for the call to let them know we have some good conditions and as always Dean is itching to get out there and tree some of our huge cats. Cross our fingers for North West winds. SL

January 01/ 2010


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our friends and guests from all of us at Canadian Guide Outfitters. We are looking forward to another fun and productive year of hunting with the many of you that hunt with us every year, as well all of our new guests that are hunting with us for the first time this season. SL