Hunt Report 2013

December 22/2013


December 06/2013


December 06/2013

Wondering what the windchill will be on the ATV......


December 01/2013

A huge Thank you to all my guests who hunted with us this 2014 whitetail season and congratulations on the great bucks you harvested. Great times filled with many laughs!! Looking forward to hunting with you all again next season!!
Many thanks to Ryan and Sandy for all your tremendous efforts and help to make this season so successful!!


December 01/2013

We just finished up another very successful Whitetail season in Northern Saskatchewan and what a finish it was. 
Roland, at 71 years old has hunted many seasons with me. He has always dreamed of harvesting a massive whitetail buck and has passed up hundreds of deer waiting for it. All the waiting paid off for Roland when he harvested this massive buck which had over 52 inches of mass and gross scored 182 7/8.
It is a moment I will never forget. A very well deserved deer.


November 22/2013


November 19/2013

From an exciting Fall Grizzly season in the coastal inlets, one day to unpack and pack up again, straight to the chilly province of Saskatchewan to hunt some huge whitetail with some very special friends and clients. What a climate shock!!!


October 24/2013

Some sad news...While away in bear camp I learned of the passing of a very dear old friend.... A great man, who left us all with so many terrific memories, stories and never ending jokes!!! We will miss you Hal...and will meet again Old Buddy... I am very sure you will have some brand new jokes to share with us. Sean and Marnie.


October 24/2013

Just returned back home from a very exciting Fall season!! Exciting is actually an understatement.!!! More to follow....


September 15/2013

Well, all the stands are taken down, cams packaged away and they are all ready for another Fall bear season which is just around the corner. Things are looking very exciting!!


September 12/2013

After many days of scouting, checking cams, setting up stands and glassing through the heat waves of summer, the first day of the season we sealed the deal with this big old Roosevelt. Mac made a perfect shot at 52 yards with his Matthews bow, the big old bull walked 10 yards up onto an old grade and dropped. We were surrounded by cows and calves as close as 10 yards for what seemed to be forever, when finally this guy walked into range. A huge thanks to Keith for all the pre scouting he helped with, Ryan for all his help guiding and spotting and Matt Lingl for all his help setting up stands and scouting, and of course Mac, for making a very quick clean harvest. WHAT A TEAM!!!


September 08/2013

Well, while I was glassing a herd of elk, Matt went for a walk and collected dinner for tonight!!


August 23/2013

Been very busy preparing for our upcoming Roosevelt Elk and Grizzly hunts. Keith has been a huge help keeping track of trail cams and taking some VERY EXCITING pictures, and Matt has been climbing trees getting my stands up. It is going to be another great Fall season. We will keep you posted!!


August 15/2013

My lil Tay Tay turned 19 yesterday!! Time goes by way too quick. I am so proud of you sweety of everything you have done and the special person you have become!! Love you to the MOON and BACK sweety!!


August 11/2013

Dacia with her very old and absolutely huge bear. This guy has been through some battles. Congrats on your first Black Bear Dacia, what a way to start!!


July 19/2013

Bill and Evelyn with one of the oldest bears I have ever guided to date! An absolute huge old body, last week of the season! With Kent and Dot along with us we had so many 
laughs! Good times. And thanks for your help on this one Ryan!!


July 14/2013

Thank you Dave Martinez at Superchips!! What a difference this kit makes in the Jeep!!


July 12/2013

Brandon, Ryan and myself with an absolute HOG of a bear!! Brandon was on a trip with his Dad and friends. Congrats Brandon!! Geared up with my two favorite products, Sitka Gear and my Bog Pod.


July 10/2013

Another amazing old scarred up boar harvested by Jules while on a hunt with her Dad, Mom and brother. Dad was along to witness all the excitement!!


June 29/2013

The newest addition to the fleet. A very tough 28 foot landing craft that will get us into some new and exciting areas!!


June 29/2013

An old bear that shows many battle scars. Congrats Dave!


June 25/2013

Joe from New York harvested this huge ancient old bear, well past his prime, during the later part of April.


June 19/2013

Well, it always passes far too quick. Our 10 week Spring season has just come to an end and I hate to sound like a broken record, but this past season was the BEST EVER!!! Not only did we harvest some of the largest bears but most importantly, the oldest bears we have harvested in years!! A huge thank you to our great team Ryan, Ole, Aaron, Joyce, Bob, Pete, Dean, Lee, Chris and Hannah. As well many thanks to all of our valued guests and friends who traveled long and far to spend time with us this Spring. It was most definitely a season for the record books!!!......More pics to follow..


June 14/2013

Mark harvested this giant boar during our mid April season. A gorgeous bear!!


May 31/2013

This is how it all started....Tim with son Brendan.


May 31/2013

I finally found a few minutes to get to my computer here. I said at the end of our 2012 Spring season that we had the absolute best season we could ever ask for...well I have to say, this 2013 season, although with two weeks still to go.. has even been better. This spring we have harvested older and larger bears than ever before. Absolutely amazing!!!


May 13/2013

WOW!!! Time is flying by. We are into our 5th week of our Spring Bear and we are having another amazing season!! I will post some pictures and highlights as soon as I get a moment here!!


May 12/2013

Happy Mothers Day to all the great Mothers out there!!! I wish you all the very best day you could ever wish for!!!


April 05/2013

I hope I am not jinxing our weather by saying this, but Spring has sprung a little earlier than normal this year. We have been spending much time here getting ready for our upcoming busy Spring season. We have many trail cams out for both Grizzly and Blacks and some bears are already out! It is going to be another incredible season, cant wait!!!


February 26/2013

SITKA GEAR. Anyone that hasn't used this stuff should give it a try...the toughest and most dependable outdoor clothing we have used!!


February 26/2013

Weather is definitely warming up and all the snow is melting fast. Putting away all my cougar hunting gear and getting organized now for our Spring Bear. Already excited to get going here!!! Many new and exciting things happening this Spring season!!!


February 21/2013

A GREAT DAY FOR A FLIGHT!! smile emoticon


February 20/2013

Just finished this hunt with 12 year old Will and his Dad John from Texas. Will, you worked hard for this one deserved every bit of this cat!! A very old Tom cat past his prime. Good times with great people!! Also many thanks to Dean and Wally!!


February 17/2013

The only way to FLY!!!!


February 13/2013


February 13/2013

Despite a bit of wet weather, we managed to get another huge cat in a tree. Very hard work put in by Dean and his team of dogs to get this one done. My good friend Dean K. harvested this tremendous trophy. This tom had a lot of age to him. Crossing my fingers for cooler weather to get another hunt in.


February 05/2013

Managed to tree this nice Tom on the 3rd day of the hunt for Dale and Esther. We treed a smaller cat on the first day of their hunt and released it. Tough conditions with very wet and old snow but we cut some tracks and got our cat! Great job done by Wally and Josh with their hounds. Watching the forecast carefully hoping it cools off!!


January 24/2013


January 24/2013

We now have our website up and running for our beautiful West Coast River Lodge. Much more to add to the website but a good start www.westcoastriverlodge.comWe are also very close to completion of the brand new Canadian Guide Outfitters website with all new pictures, video and a whole new exciting layout.


January 18/2013

So so so proud of my dad for winning this award. He has worked so hard for it but not once put his job ahead of our family, whether its my little brother Matt out scouting, Taylor exchanging American for Canadian, me helping Joyce cook or trying to clean the pool and of course Moms positive attitude we are always involved and always will be! I couldn't have asked for a better role model in my life. Love you to the moon and back daddy heart emoticon



January 16/2013

Thanks for the many congratulations through messages, phone calls, emails and texts on my award!! It means a lot to me. I must say, this award would not have been possible without all the huge help I get from our great team, my friends and of most importantly my family. Thank you for all your support.


January 16/2013

Just returned home from our Texas road trip. The Houston show was another huge success!! Spent some quality time down there with some old friends and met many new ones. Already looking forward to next year!!!


January 10/2013

All set up today to start the Houston Safari Club convention tomorrow. Going to be a great show.


January 10/2013

 At the Woodlands Center in Houston to attend the Houston safari Club convention.


January 10/2013

Beautiful day down in Houston, Texas... Nice day for a drive..which one should I pick?



January 09/2013

Ryan getting set up to shoot some targets, we shot a lot of rounds through a huge selection of these military guns and pistols.


January 09/2013

Took a day off of our Texas road trip today. Ryan and I spent a few hours with our good friends having a fun shoot at the Athena Gun Club in Houston, Texas. The largest selection of guns you could imagine, had a blast!!!


January 07/2013

Well the Dallas Safari Club Convention has come and gone. It was once again an extremely successful convention for us. I want to thank those that helped us out at the booth, all of our friends and guests that dropped by the booth to say hello, all our new guests that have booked with us and trusted in us and to the Dallas Safari Club and all its members and volunteers that work so hard to make this convention "The best on this planet"!  
On my way to Houston with Ryan and good friends JB, Robert and Bruno!!


January 07/2013

Ryan and I, enjoying a good visit with a very special friend of ours. Josh Moore hunted with us 2 seasons ago and harvested a giant bear all on camera. He is one of the most amazing kids I have ever hunted with!


January 04/2013

Looking forward to seeing this new episode!!!


January 03/2013

Booth set up and enjoying the first day of the Dallas Safari Club show. The greatest show on earth!!! So great meeting up with all my friends here and meeting many new!!